ROTO THERM P120 heat transfer fluid is a propylene glycol-based fluid that is low in acute oral toxicity and widely used to depress freeze points in food and beverage processing and in other applications. Available only in Europe, it features a specially formulated corrosion inhibitor package.


HVAC/R Winterization Solar applications Data centers
Process cooling & heating Ice & snow melting systems Refrigeration systems Line heaters
Plastic extrusion Process Geothermal energy Cooling towers Hydro testing
Heat recovery

Typical Properties

Product Type: Inhibited Propylene Glycol [Dye]
Composition (% by weight)
Propylene Glycol
Performance Additives
Color Pale Yellow
Temperature Range -45°C (-50°F) to 120°C (250°F)
Specific Gravity 15/15°C (60/60°F) 1.050-1.060
pH of Solution (50% Glycol) 9.0-10.0
Reserve Alkalinity (min.) 10.0 ml
Freezing Point °C (°F) -51.1(-59.9)


Pre-mixed solutions Available for fuel cells and electronics
Custom blends with pH adjusted Available for high-temperature aluminum systems
Non-toxic Available worldwide
Can bere-inhibited Cost-effective
Proven performance Total fluid careoption
Biocide is available Dye options available: fluorescent green, FD&C colors: red, pink, blue, and yellow.

Technical Content