What is inhibited glycol

Inhibited glycols are combination of glycols with special mixture of chemicals , which acts as corrosion inhibitor for the metals in which they circulate. The selection of the inhibitors depends on the material of composition of the equipment and toxicity of the material.

Our products don’t contain any Amine or Nitrites or combination, which produce Nitrosamines, a known carcinogenic.

What is Inhibited glycol needed for

As explained above there exists problems in using plain or neat ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. We offer a product which is not only cost effective in terms of long-term operation but also prevents frequent change of glycols and keeps expensive equipment in condition.

ROTO range of inhibited glycols have combination of synergistic chemicals protecting the metals in your system, which uninhibited glycol lacks. Our ROTO range of inhibited glycols will not affect plastic but will affect aluminum (above about 150°F) and galvanized steel. The zinc in the galvanizing will react with our inhibitors and cause loss of the zinc coating leading to localized corrosion. For Aluminum protection at higher temperatures we have different grade for which you can contact our sales team.

Benefits of inhibited glycol

  • Operationally cost effective
  • Less frequent replacement of glycols as such a saving
  • Lower maintenance
  • Longer equipment lifeSafer – as we offer nontoxic and food grade options
  • Leakages are traceable in case of dyed products, as such safeguarding final products quality, but showing any mix up in case of equipment leakages